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This encourages others to re tweet your message and gives you exposure to the followers of everyone who re tweets it. You may also get ideas for your own tweets by following people you admire. How to Extract a List of Followers from Twitter How to Extract a List of Followers from Twitter Followers are the users who private instagram viewer subscribe to your updates. As soon as you hit the 2000 follower mark or your limit if you view private instagram are past that point wait four or five days for the new people to follow you back. Create an email signature that includes a link to your Twitter account. The ration of followers to following has to remain close to 1:1 in order for Twitter to allow you to grow beyond the 2000 follower mark. Read the Twitter Automation Rules and Best Practices page before considering any automated service. Approving Followers With Protected Tweets When your Twitter account is set up with protected Tweets, anyone who wishes to follow you must send a request before they can view your Tweets. After the page loads, type the Twitter user name you are looking for in the search box and hit “Search.”

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Click each user’s photo to be directed to the user’s profile page, then click the green “Following” button–which changes to red and says “Unfollow” when you hover over it–to unfollow that person. Be positive, optimistic, listen to others, and don’t badger people with what you are selling. Click “Change design colons” and then click a colon block under the “sidebar” option. Selecting “Protect updates” from your Account settings page will allow you to block all people. Twitter discourages “mass unfollows”. As of March 2011, you can export a maximum of 100 followers. Skip over any users who are tweeting in a foreign language. Your website or biog’s visitors may not be aware of your Twitter account if you never mention it. How to Get More Followers on Twitter How to Get More Followers on Twitter You can get more followers private instagram viewer on Twitter by adopting a few habits that make the most of your time and encourage people to follow you.